ASUS AiMesh Vs Mesh


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so lets move from one room to another where the router now in the first room and the second room have another ASUS RT-AC Router and same on the third room which located in a further away , the device that have the internet will connect from that specific router in each room meaning switching SSID and micro drop your Video/Audio Chat or browsing for Example, this what normal Accesspoints network  will do, but having ASUS AiMesh will solve this issue but automaticly connecting the device to the strongest point making the Wifi very easy to work with.


the following below illustration shows sho


ws a home that have diffrent accesspoints where the user must switch mannually to anthoer router to keep using the internet.

While ASUS AiMesh Network user does not need to switch the wifi to get the internet while roaming around , more likely the user is ine SSID as long he is inside the AiMesh Network.



best part is where the AiMesh Network will choose the best Router for the user position for best performance .