ASUS AiMesh Vs Mesh


How to Setup AiMesh?

Setting up AiMesh actuall very easy to do first of all make sure the router is under one of the following listed Router below , second make sure the router is fully Updated t othe latest Firmware by going directly to the Router support page or by upgrading it directly from the router page.


Wifi Speed Model AiMesh Firmware Download
AC1900 RT-AC68RW Download
RT-AC68UF Download
RT-AC68R Download
RT-AC68W Download
RT-AC1900 Download
RT-AC1900U Download
RT-AC68U_White Download
RT-AC68P Download
RT-AC1900P Download
RT-AC68U Download
AC2900 RT-AC86U Download
RT-AC2900 Download
AC3100 RT-AC88U Download
RT-AC3100 Download
AC5300 RT-AC5300 Download
ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 Download

third step , once there are at least 2 routers , one router will be the main Router that have internet access from the ISP and the rest of the routers will be as a AiMesh nodes to be connected to the Main Router by Wireless or by Ethernet and then follow the steps:

  • once the firmware is updated , you will see the AiMesh button just below the Clients button.

  • by default the Router will be Main Router and not node mode, and you need to search for the node by clicking the AiMesh Node then search for node and then follow the Next Steps ,

  • otherwise to setup a router to a node router , go to Administration section then in the Operation Mode  click on the AiMesh node and then save, done it will be automatically restart by itself 
  • afterward go the main router and search for the nodes and connect all of them automatically by searching for more if more routers found.

weather if Wireless or wired this is how you connect the ASUS AiMesh network, sounds easy and its actually easiest we have done so far.