Bauhutte Will Raise the accuracy of Your Aim With their Desk

Bauhutte Will Raise the accuracy of Your Aim With their Desk


Bauhutte, active in the Asia regions, offers a desk series that you can combine. The latest one, a setup that can improve your aim. Judging from the photos, we doubt that comfy but they recommend a “Cockpit type gaming desk”, based on their modular parts of course, to be a new gaming desk.

The “Aiming Desk” places you and your gear in a posture for you to be more accurate. They claim that in a general forward tilting posture there is a space between the chair and the back, there is a disadvantage on your neck and the back become tired in long gameplay. Also, since armpits and elbows are in an open position, a ‘wobble’ (I didn’t make this stuff up) of the shoulder and arm is transmitted to the hand, which causes the aim accuracy to drop. Behold the photo below.



Their solution to all this, an “aiming desk” which takes a posture leaning posture, it can reduce the burden on the neck and shoulders because it can seat the entire body to the chair. Furthermore, it can improve the aim precision because it can operate the mouse with the armpit tightened.




The base design is a “desk-top type L-shaped desk large type” that can be realized as an L-shaped desk plus a standard desk on hand . The height of the top board can be freely adjusted according to your preference by raising and lowering function. Furthermore, the top board is designed about 7 cm to the left and can prevent sidearm from opening. The selling price of ‘Lifting type L letter desk large type’ is relatively inexpensive at 139 USD excluding taxes, but that is just that one module though! Existing desks and gaming chairs can be diverted, you should try it if you are concerned. For details on how to build the system, please to this special page (Chinese).