Corsair Obsidian 800D

Corsair Obsidian 800D


We take a look today on Corsair Obsidian 800D full tower case , designed to fulfill the customizers dreams on it , a Case with a flexibility to allow the users of it to have watercooling kits in it with no hassle on how to assemble it in addition with a long term to last through years of Components upgrades.


• Four easily accessed hot-swap drive bays
• Removable CPU backplate panel for easy heatsink installation
• Isolated cooling zones prevent heat buildup
• Unique cable routing holes guarantee a clean and clutter-free installation
• Three 140mm fans included, with the ability to add four more 120mm fans
• Tool-free optical drive installation makes building a system faster than ever
• Two year warranty with Corsair’s world-class customer service and technical support


The Box and the Packaging :

The box is quite huge to carry around , but the case inside is well protected.

Things that we found inside the box the following:

Corsair 800D Case:
 External View:

The case we got is Full Matt Black from the outside to the inside of the Steel Structure Case.

The top of the case shows a mesh design where you can mouse 3x 120mm Fans on it.

The rear side got a mesh thru from the top, and the exhaust fan of 140mm size, in addition that you can see that the power supply will be mounted in the lower section of the case .

The front panel of the case is actually Aluminum, it can show 6x 5.25” Bays and a access Door to 4x 3.5” SATA hot swappable bays.

The front I/O panel on the faceplate holds 2x USB 2.0 , 2x USB 3.0, 1x IEEE1394 , Headphone, MIC and a RESET button.

Internal View: 

The case from the inside can take up to EATX Motherboard, and its also painted in Matt Black to make the case fully black color design.

The Rear Fan is sized up 140mm Fan.

The lower section fan is also 140mm in size and there is a small cage where it can holds 2x 3.5” Drives.

The hot swappable SATA Bay have 2 back Covers, one of them is to hide the PCB Board for the SATA and the other one for the 140mm Fan

You can see here that installing a 5.25” drive will be a very easy to do because of the moving clips which holds it up.

On the other side of the case, can be seen the structure of the case where you can study how to hide your cables during the installation, we also noticed that there is a door on the same side,

Opening up that doors actually reveals the rear side of the motherboard, special the CPU Section, it is very useful when you want to install a heatsink without removing a motherboard, because some heatsinks required a back plat to be installed on the motherboard, so there for you can install it on the motherboard without removing it from Corsair 800D case.


Installation in the Corsair 800D Case is too fun to do ,we didn’t let it beg for watercooling kits so we managed to spend a lot of time to install a full watercooling kit inside it + hiding the cables,

The task to make it too good installation wasn’t easy for us but thanks for the 3x 120mm mesh on the top of the case we were able to mount Black Ice Xtreme 360 GTX on it with total of 12x120mm Fans to cool the Radiator, I would say for myself, I am Impressed how the case is holding all of this without losing its solid steel stand.

And here is the final view of the case at the finishing touches, enjoy

Corsair Obsidian 800D case got us really excited on the design and the capability of holding the custom watercooling kit that we installed in it ,we liked the SATA Hot swappable on the front , we can easily install a HDD or SSD without shutting down the PC.
The complete design of the case is impressive and the side window is quite large to show almost everything inside the case
Things we saw it negative points on the corsair 800D Case are the side doors could have screws or lock key if the case going to be displayed somewhere, also the doors not locking up correctly when we try to close them back , we face small trouble with the front hot swappable bay door , because it wasn’t opening and closing easily , but we found that the door can adjust its highest from the screws that is installed on it.
After the installation we tested the internal flow and we made the rear side fan and the lower side to be intake and the top fans where the Radiator is to be the exhauster, we managed to get number of 25 on the motherboard where the room temperature is at 22c, the CPU and both of the VGA got excellent temperatures because of the good venting all the way to the exhausting the hot air from the top of the case.
In overall , if you want to get big water cooling kits inside a case plus looking good , I would say Corsair Obsidian 800D, it gives the space required for you to customize as you wish.

Positive points:
• Aluminum Faceplate, Steel Structure
• 2 Years Warranty
• 140mm Fans are very quiet
• Tool-free optical drive installation
• Removable CPU back plate panel
• hot-swap drive bays

Negative Points:
• Side doors not closing properly

Price and Availability:

• Corsair Obsidian 800D is Available in Dubai’s local Stores for avg. price of 800 AED



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