Corsair Released 1600GB version of Neutron NX500 PCIe SSD

Corsair Released 1600GB version of Neutron NX500 PCIe SSD


Corsair recently started listing and selling their Neutron NX500 PCIe SSD line with a higher capacity version, the 1600GB model. With an endurance rated at a staggering 2,793 TBW the unit is to last you a long time.

.The unit follows the 400 and 800GB versions, and can manage up to 3,000 MB/s sequential read performance with up-to 2300 MB/sec writes and is based on a Phison PS5007-E7 controller paired with Toshiba-made 15 nm MLC NAND flash memory

Connecting to your PC using an available PCI Express SSD 3.0 x4 slot and using the latest NVMe interface, the NX500 unlocks the bandwidth of the PCI Express slot, eliminating bottlenecks by putting your data in the fast lane. Thanks to this high bandwidth, the NX500 is built for professional users and easily handles demanding productivity, content creation or gaming workloads.

Equipped with high-performance MLC NAND, and dedicated DDR3 cache, the NX500 provides superior reliability and performance over TLC NAND SSDs. The NX500 also boasts enhanced error correction, dynamic wear-levelling and advanced garbage collection, greatly enhancing NAND lifespan and drive reliability.

For those that need even more protection or control, the NX500 is also fully compatible with the CORSAIR SSD Toolbox software utility, providing in-depth support for over-provisioning, Secure Erase, disk cloning, and firmware updates. Users can also monitor S.M.A.R.T attributes and overall SSD health, all from their PC’s desktop. Paired with dedicated support from the world-class CORSAIR customer support team and a comprehensive 5-year warranty, the NX500 pushes the limits of SSD performance with style.


  • NVMe Interface Faster than SATA 3.0: Up to 5X faster in sequential read and write than SATA 3.0.
  • PCI Express 3.0 x4 The NX500 accesses your PC’s PCI Express bandwidth and puts your data in the fast lane, leaving SATA SSDs in the dust.
  • Dedicated Cooling: High-surface-area heatsink from the cooling experts at CORSAIR keeps your storage cool and always at peak performance.
  • Multi-Level Cell (MLC) Endurance: Better reliability and higher performance than Triple-Level Cell (TLC) NAND SSDs.
  • High-Bandwidth, Low-Latency Storage: Easily handles demanding gaming, productivity, and content creation workloads.
  • Enhanced Error Correction: Additional error bit correction and improved data retention while supporting the latest generation, high endurance MLC NAND.
  • Static and Dynamic Wear-Leveling: Works with MLC NAND to contribute to an overall enhanced lifespan.
  • Compatible with CORSAIR SSD Toolbox: Support for over-provisioning, Secure Erase, disk cloning and firmware updates, or monitor S.M.A.R.T attributes and SSD health, all from your desktop.
  • Five-year Warranty: Dedicated support from the world-class CORSAIR customer support team.
The 1600GB Neutron NX500 PCIe is selling for roughly 1599 Euros/USD.