SEAGATE FireCuda Did Amazing score as the transferee speeds alone got more than 190Mb/s  in Read and Write Tests , it means users can transferee 1Gb single Data normally in less than 6 Seconds, which is great for Gaming related storages and Content Creators storage speeds in affordable price , but adding Intel optane memory 16GB changed the game Speeds and managed to Run the HDD at speeds of 900+ Read and write which is a dream of any Gamers or Content creator because both of HDD comes in Affordable price rather than buying 2x 512GB SSD and put them in Raid and go thru Complex of RAID0 setp to achieve that along with high price for both 512SSD

In the Ends , combining SEAGATE FIRECUDA with Intel Optane Memory 16GB is more than Enough to kick start your PC at high speeds that have big storage with affordable price

Positive points:

  • Affordable Price
  • Easy to install with Optane
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Fast Transfere Speeds
  • Extremely low noise

Negative Point:

  • None

Price and Availability:

SEAGATE FIRECUDA 1TB can be found at at a price starting 394AED while Intel Optane MEMORY 16GB can be found at GEAR-UP.ME at a starting price of 200 AED.